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Why does it matter what Ballet dancers wear?

Updated: May 13, 2021

Ballet uniform is usual for professionally led children’s classes. But why does it matter which leotard a student wears? There are many reasons for this which I will endeavour to explain. Uniform gives a sense of

belonging, it makes the wearers feel like a team. It means that everyone is the same and that the dancing is the thing that is highlighted rather than the outfit.

Part of being a dancer is about being well presented. The leotard and tights (or socks for younger students) are there so that the teacher can se

e the lines of the body and keep the dancers safe. It enables the teacher to keep an eye on technique and make sure bodies are working and developing correctly.

Hair in a bun is a practical need. Hair needs to be secure and not in your face. The bun, when placed correctly, gives a lovely line to the neck and makes sure there are no distractions from the movement being done. Also it is a safety concern if you have ponytails flicking in your eyes whilst turning, it is also distracting to the dancer. It takes practice to do a neat and secure bun so the earlier you start practicing the better and quicker you will be at doing it.

Above all though, ballet dancers wearing the correct uniform is a sign of respect. We do not wear laddered or holes in our shoes to class as it is messy and looks as if we don’t care. Being perfectly presented with tidy hair, immaculate uniform and remembering all your things is the biggest compliment a teacher can receive. It tells me that you are serious and that you care about the art that I have dedicated my life too and that is why uniform is so important.

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